The Ultimate back-up power!

Ultra Energy Lithium-Ion batteries automatically become your property’s main energy source. Above all, it protects your property from the next power outage while enjoying a continuous energy supply.

Energy Storage Solution for renewable energy

Be up to 100% independent by installing a Ultra Energy Lithium-Ion battery.  Store all the renewable energy you’ll need in batteries for later use.  In other words, this means you’ll only use it when it’s needed.

Extended Self-consuption

Extend your self-consumption and power your home and business entirely with renewable energy.  Making sure your Ultra Energy battery supplies energy when other sources are unavailable.


•  Residential PV Installations for household energy demands
•  Residential and commercial UPS systems
•  We use external battery DC battery inverters with Ultra Energy’s residential solutions. Thus, you should always first find out if your inverter/charger is on the Ultra Energy approved list

Residential and Small Businesses

Ultra Energy advanced residential Battery products rely on Lithium-Ion technology for streamlined energy storage. Our flexible modular design will, by all means, enable you to combine and battery modules. It can achieve different energy storage capacities and thus done according to user requirements. We can increase capacity through a parallel connection of the batteries.